Business Change Management Projects

Any time you make improvements, restructure or launch a new initiative, you are creating business change. Change disrupts systems, people and processes. Understanding the impact of change on the people in your business and the processes they follow is a cornerstone to your success. We can help make sure all bases are covered.

What we can do for your business

Requirements gathering - capturing functional, technical, operational, staff and customer needs

Engagement planning - change is only successful if everyone is onboard: leadership, staff, suppliers, investors, customers....

Building your change team - the right people doing the right thing at the right time. Make sure your whole organisation comes on the journey with you to ensure success

Process mapping - adapting existing business processes in line with your vision for change

Operational readiness and implementation - making sure all areas of your business are ready before launch

Post launch review - feedback and corrective activities

Every business change is different so we tailor according to your needs.

Business Process Health Checks


Business processes exist to provide consistency. A good process will make sure the right things are done in the right way by the right people at the right time. Documenting your processes will not only improve your day to day tasks, but it will also make any future change easier to manage. Let us review your existing processes 

What a business process analysis can do for you

Provide insights into more efficient ways of working

Pinpoint actions for greater business productivity

Ensure compliance

Minimise mistakes and eliminate duplication

Reduce staff and customer frustrations


Operational Readiness Assessments

We have worked on operational readiness for a number of product and IT system launches, including the high profile launch of contactless payments on rail services in London and the launch of various tourism city passes around the world. Not being ready can infuriate customers, frustrate staff and damage business reputation.  We can help you develop a  business readiness plan and track progress to ensure all the best intentions for launch are realised.

What operational readiness entails

Analysis of end to end business processes, matching staff training and governance

Review of roles and responsibilities

Documentation completion assessment

Engagement review - does everyone one know what's going on and what it means for them?

Contingency planning - for when things don't go quite as you expect

Gap analysis - identifying what's yet to be done

How it can help:

Manages expectations and keeps your change in line with the original vision

Identifies challenges - operational, resourcing and behavioural

Creates an opportunity for focused activity

Ensures readiness - after all, not being ready frustrates staff, infuriates customers and can damage reputations.

Make sure you never launch a change and a new system or product without your people and processes being ready.


Leadership Coaching with Clarity Space

Most leaders are well-versed in the ‘mechanics’ of leadership: the operational, practical, tangible stuff. Clarity Space develops an understanding of the ‘dynamics’ of leadership: the behaviours, the perceptions, the aspirations, the mindsets and all the intangibles that drive the organisation forward… or not.

What we can do for Leaders and Managers

Leadership starts with self - we have a life to lead, so to lead others you need a sound understanding of yourself

Clarity Space development programmes give you the keys to understanding the way your mind works

Enables you to take responsibility for your thinking, and feeling and perception,

The way you think and feel impacts on your experience of the world - you become the architect of your world, not the victim

Programmes run from 1 to 24 weeks

All programmes feature online material delivered weekly, supported by 1-on-1 online meetings with a Clarity Space Mentor

Meetings explore the material and its application to your current leadership challenges

Through a deep exploration of your inner dynamics, you get to build the foundations for resilience, insight, influence, creativity, intuition and emotional intelligence, which in turn create a clarity of mind and focus that improves your relationships and your capacity for decision-making. You become resistant to stress and conflict, the real enemies of every leader. Ultimately you find yourself better placed to realise your dreams and ambitions – the fundamental objective of leadership.



The value of a facilitator is to enable others to achieve their goals. Our role is to enable individuals to perform well in groups, creating an environment which allows everyone to contribute their strengths, confront their limitations and work together for success. An external facilitator can help you achieve effective dialogue and reach consensus. We take care of the process and group dynamics so you can focus on achieving your goals. Accredited by the Association of Facilitators.

We can facilitate:

Meetings, planning sessions, governance events, process reviews

Workshops, away days, conferences,

Team building, team behaviour and communication

One off or regular sessions

Project teams or established teams

Teams that are stuck in a rut or experiencing conflict


Team Dynamics & Personality Profiling

With the aid of the DISC personality assessment tool, we work with individuals and groups throughout your organisation to help smooth cooperation.

What it can do for your organisation:

Increase self-knowledge: how individuals respond to conflict, what motivates them, what causes them stress, and how they solve problems

Improve working relationships by recognizing the differing communication needs of team members

Facilitate better teamwork and navigate productive conflict

Develop stronger sales skills by identifying and responding to customer styles

Where team dynamics can be used:

Ideal for project teams starting out and lessons learnt reviews

Great for team-building

Useful for assigning the right people to the right tasks.

Use team dynamics to underpin workshops, projects, change, recruitment drives and team building giving you a springboard to progress. Ask for more information on Team Dynamics and Profiling.

We are licensed DISC practitioners. As part of any team dynamics work, we are able to offer a comprehensive report for every individual and upon request a team report showing strengths and areas for improvement. For full information on DISC, please get in touch. 

What our clients say

‘You have been absolutely amazing from day one. Me and the rest of my team cannot thank you enough for all of the support you have given along the way. I really think we would still be waiting for go live if it wasn’t for you!’

Customer Services Manager

‘We simply could not have done our campaign without you. Thank you for your wisdom and for being so calm and level-headed’

Marketing and Customer Communications Manager

‘I am going to speak to our project management office as I think all projects should have you facilitate this type of workshop’

Change Programme Manager

‘I wish we had you in to run a session like this at the beginning of our project – I think we would have worked together so much better’

Senior Project Manager

‘Arabella facilitated team-building/profile consultancy to the project team I was working on at the time. I was a little sceptical having seen it all before. Strange how wrong you can be. Team dynamics work within a project team setting revealed several very interesting insights and it was useful to be able to take learnings and adapt to different personalities for the remainder of the project.’

IT Contractor

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