About Us

Over 30 years business experience

Catalytix – what’s in the name?

Catalytix was chosen as a portmanteau of observations about the work we have done.

  • Cat  – Having worked for global businesses with international offices and membership organisations, where people have different priorities, cultures and objectives, we are known for helping a diverse range of people and businesses work together effectively. This is affectionately dubbed as being good at ‘herding cats’. We achieve cooperation and agreement in tricky circumstances.
  • Catalyst – something that causes activity between two or more persons (Dictionary.com). Effective activity between people is what we focus on.
  • Tix – a contraction of tickets – having worked with transport and tourism both of which rely on ticketing systems. And more importantly…. A contraction of ticks – marks of approval.


Arabella Nairne

A consultant with both UK and international experience who kicked off her management career working with a series of tourism and leisure start-ups. She then used her business smarts to help a number of public sector FE Colleges to introduce commercial activities to bolster their budgets.

More recently she worked with multiple transport organisations on projects including contactless payments on London’s rail network, national smart ticketing initiatives, contract management and global growth strategies.

She’s a fan of ensuring teams and stakeholders are ready for change.  

An outcome focused, caring motivator able to earn respect at any level of seniority. She has a particular interest in the effectiveness of groups of people pulled together to work on projects who don’t always work closely together. It’s all about the people!

Accredited by Association of Facilitators – Accredited DISC personality profile practitioner – Prince2 qualified – APMG Change Management certified  – BA(Hons) International Studies from The Open University 

Who We Work With

We have over 30 years business experience, working with:

private sector start-ups

Getting things off the ground – helping take the strain of the growing pains.

membership organisations

Juggling the needs of multiple stakeholders

public sector organisations

Implementing commercial initiatives and infrastructure projects

multi-national businesses

With teams located across the world launching new departments, products or international offices.

Subject matter expertise

In Transport, Tourism, Ticketing, Technology and Education.

We also work with a network of associate consultants with complementary expertise in:

Small Business HR Solutions

Joanne Pearson
Joanne is a full member, MCIPD, of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and works to their Code of Practice...

Transport, Telecoms and IT Programme Management

Mark Hopkins
An experienced programme manager with 10 years experience of delivering complex programmes in the transport, IT, energy and health sectors.

Education Management and Governance

Anna Webber Experienced in organisational governance, motivational teaching and learning and quality assurance.

Leadership Coaching

Chris Pearse
Founder of Clarity Space Chris has coached, trained and mentored hundreds of business leaders across many sectors - from SMEs to FTSE100s, from the government to non-profit. He has written numerous articles on leadership for Forbes and published: The Broken CEO: How to be the Leader you always wanted to be.


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