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What we do

We work with businesses to ensure  teams are working well together, meetings are effective and change is managed and embedded with minimised stress.  People are at the centre of everything we do – working with them to achieve the best participation for the best progress.

Managing change effectively has proven to be more critical than ever in 2020. Planned change and enforced change (as required by many in response to Covid-19) both require thorough and careful handling. Using an external change consultant to work with you and your team can allow swift, practical and objective actions to be taken within proven frameworks   Read More

The value of a facilitator is to enable others to achieve their purpose. With time together limited by Covid-19 social distancing measures, it is more important than ever to make sure face to face or digital meetings and workshops are effective. Our role is to enable people to perform well in groups, creating an environment which enables participants to contribute their strengths, confront their limitations and work together for success. An external facilitator can help you achieve effective dialogue and tangible meeting outcomes. Read More

Operational readiness is all about preparing your business for the changes that are being introduced. It is what will help ensure new practices and processes will become successfully embedded int your new way of working.Operational readiness will ensure the practical, tangible elements of your operation are ready. But we also ensure the people and cultural conditions are ready too.

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In a world dominated by IT, it’s sometimes easy for forget the human touches that are required to make any system work for the people that use it day in and day out. Let us help you review your current processes and identify what may need to be changed and what activities you will need to undertake across your business to ensure your productivity and compliance is as good as it can be. Read More

We work with individuals and groups throughout your organisation to increase self-knowledge, improve working relationships, facilitate better teamwork, develop stronger sales skills. Backed up by accredited DISC personality profiling tools. Read More

Most leaders are well-versed in the mechanics of leadership; the operational, practical, tangible stuff. Clarity Space coaches develop an understanding of the dynamics of leadership: the behaviours, the perceptions, the aspirations, the mindsets and all the intangibles that drive your organisation forward… or not. Read More



Success as a Team

We work with business teams. Small teams, big teams, technical teams, creative teams, any teams. Yet we are all individuals – making team work exhilarating and challenging, productive and frustrating.

We are here to help identify and work with you to address the inevitable pain points that come with any business change and to ensure that your team achieves success together. We keep your needs at the centre of what we do, while focusing on the human element:  team engagement and user experience.

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